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Die Cast Whale Tail Latch

Die Cast Whale Tail Latch

SKU: EB-18430-201R-03


The Whale Tail latch gets its name from the distinctive handle shape. We're sure it could have been called something more "scientific" but the name Megaptera Novaeangliae Tail didn't test well in focus groups.

Die cast Steel, polished and Chrome Plated for maximum durability. Completely weather resistant, and it even fits in the same hole cutout as many folding T-handle latches!

  • Die cast receptacle and handle provides years of durable service.
  • Chrome plated for dashing good looks!
  • Pad-lock loop for extra security.
  • Installed gasket for improved resistance to dust and water.
  • Double-bitted (double-sided) key and cylinder for better lock security.
  • Single or Multi point capable, for whatever door configuration you have.
  • Adjustable Compression feature allows completely custom adjustments for any door or gasket.
  • Roller cam with nylon bushing for quiet, smooth operation
  • Mounting bracket and mounting screws INCLUDED, so you don't have to hit the hardware store one more time.