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How to Insert an Insert?

by Brian Steeves 22 Jan 2016
How to Insert an Insert?

So you have this project that requires a special insert that you found online.  Now that it's in your hands, however, you have no idea how to install it.  We can help!

Some inserts can be threaded into softer materials.  Others, like the Sharp-Serts shown here, can't be installed that way.

Thankfully, Sharp-Serts are super easy to install.  For most plastics or wood panels, all you need is a hammer and a drill!  Sharp-Serts are designed to be pressed into softer materials, and the barbs around the outside of the inserts provide both pull-out and rotational resistance.  For slightly harder materials like wood or plastic, a slightly faster installation is possible.


  1. Using a drill with a bit that is the same diameter as the body of the insert you're installing, drill a hole that is deep enough for the longest screw you will be using in this application. You may need to drill deeper than the depth of the insert.
  2. Place the insert in the hole. It should be snug.  Very snug.
  3. Using a hammer, gently (or not so gently) tap the insert until it's flush with the surface of your panel.

HINT:  To avoid any damage to the nice shiny surface of the insert, place a small block of wood over the insert when tapping it into place.

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