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Did You Lose Your Keys?

by Brian Steeves 27 Nov 2015
Did You Lose Your Keys?

There's nothing worse than losing your keys!  There are a number of locks on the market that require special keys, and YES, it's possible to get just the key!  Don't be fooled into buying a whole new lock!  For a fraction of the cost of a new lock, you can get a brand new key (even two) to keep you going.  For locks made by Southco, Eberhard, Ryadon, EMKA or Cleveland Hardware, you're in the right place!

How do you know which is the right key for you?  We can help you!  If you have pictures of your lock, chances are we can find the key for it.  We've tried to include tags for all of the keys so you can match them up by searching for all of the keywords or numbers.  If you still can't find it, call us or email us and we'll gladly get to work!

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