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Is that door locked?

by Brian Steeves 14 Jun 2016

Here's a cool RV hack you can use!

My dad recently purchased a new RV and it has several outside compartments that are secured with key locks (or cam locks).  Thankfully they all use the same key but because of the style of cam lock the manufacturer used, it's impossible to tell if they're locked or unlocked just by looking at them.  This can be frustrating if you're not sure which one(s) you opened recently.

It's possible to buy locks that have a notch on the dust shutter or some other way to show the orientation of the cam.  You could buy locks that are designed so the key can only be removed in the "locked" position.  Depending on your budget, there are also some elaborate electronic systems available where you can lock or unlock ALL of the doors in the unit with a keyfob!  The availability of "better" locks really isn't the problem.

Here's a solution that doesn't require tools, installation time or shipping costs.

Rather than replacing the locks entirely, all he needs to do is apply two small dots of paint to the lock face.  Nothing extreme, just two dots, like this:

When the dots are aligned, the door is locked!

My dad liked the idea and decided to try it out on his new RV.  He took these photos and kindly shared them with me so you can see how well this worked for him.


This image shows the locked position.



..and now it's clearly unlocked!

I hope this little "camping hack" saves you some time and makes your camping experience even better. Safe travels!

(Photo credits to Wilf Steeves)


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