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Winter is Coming!

by Brian Steeves 01 Sep 2016

... and with winter comes the inevitable end of the camping season for most.  But that's okay!  There are still plenty of good weekends left to the end of September (longer in the US) for some great camping.

For those who are closing up when school starts again, this might be a great time to consider any little fixes you need to make so that your RV is in tiptop shape for the Spring.  We have you covered!  Whether it's hinges for folding beds, locks, or new gasketing material (or even some DIY improvements you've been contemplating), we can help you!

Whatever you do, remember the basics:

  • Completely drain your RV of any water in the lines or use plenty of RV anti-freeze. 
  • Check the propane system for leaks.
  • Remove the main fuse from the battery connection.  If you disconnect your battery, make sure it's fully charged, especially if you leave it outside.  It's probably a good idea to put it on a trickle charger periodically in the off season.
  • Check your electric brakes (if so equipped) and wheel bearings.  If you bring it in for repair during the off-season, you won't have to sacrifice any prime camping opportunities.
  • Check the condition of any cables, doors, lifting mechanisms, etc. for smooth operation.
  • Check all the window seals, vent gaskets and the outside of your RV for potential leaks.  Resealing is much easier than repairing water damage.

Have a great winter!  We're here to help if you have any questions!

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