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K5 Link Lock with Hex Cam

K5 Link Lock with Hex Cam

SKU: K5-2812-07


The Link Lock is a sturdy, strong latch that can withstand a serious workload. These can be installed by welding them on to a metal frame or by using 3/8" or M5 screws or bolts (not supplied).

With a twist of the wing head, this latch compresses almost 1/4", and will not open accidentally, even if there's a lot of vibration. Link Locks can be used with or without a keeper (which is why they're sold separately).

Often used on crates or large portable cases, Link Locks are incredibly strong for their compact size. One special feature to note about this latch is that even if the wing should become detached from the body of this latch, the hex head can be actuated with a wrench!

Keeper part number is K5-2811-07