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Weld Nut Retainer Weld Nut Zinc Plated, 3/8-16 Screw Size, 2 in Base Length

SKU: 90955A129


Ever try to hold a nut in place to fasten a door or lid down, but then also have to hold it with a wrench, all while aiming for that nut with the matching bolt while reaching around body panels and through a maze of hoses and wires, AND while trying to ignore that mosquito on your face?

Yeah, me too.

Cage nuts are great.

Sturdy, dependable fasteners referred to as floating nut retainers. The design of this fastener allows the nut to "float" within the steel cage which is ideal for hole misalignment and blind assembly. These nuts are commonly used in fork trucks, rail cars, ocean containers, automobile and office furniture, appliances and numerous other applications.