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1032SR9-7BR Brass Sharp-Serts

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A versatile, economical insert, the SHARP-SERT can be used with most soft materials including wood, particle board and plastic. It can be pressed-in as well as installed thermally or ultrasonically. If you're don't have any of these tools, a hammer will work too!

The specially designed curved hooks lock firmly into the base material, providing exceptional resistance to pull-out and torque. Threads stay clean and chip-free during installation.

For the simplest installation method, all you need is a drill and a hammer:

  1. Using a drill with a 15/64" (or "A" size) bit, drill a hole that is deep enough for the longest screw you will be using in this application. You may need to drill deeper than the depth of the insert.

  2. Place the insert in the hole.

  3. Using a hammer, gently (or not so gently) tap the insert until it's flush with the surface of your panel.

HINT: To avoid any damage to the nice shiny surface of the insert, place a small block of wood over the insert when tapping it into place.






Thread Type



U.S. Thread Size (A)

Outside Diameter (+/- .005) (B)

Length (+/-.005) (C)

(+/-.005) (D)

Lead Diameter (+/-.005) (E)

Starting Hole Size

Base Materials

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Installation Methods

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