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Standard Roto Lock Latch

Standard Roto Lock Latch

SKU: R2-0055-02 & R2-0002-02


These rotary cam latches have an insanely high tensile load rating, and are great for attaching panels together end-to-end. They can be mortised in or attached to the side of a panel, whichever works best for you.

With an average load rating of 1400 lbf and a shear load rating of up to 2000 lbf, they're pretty darned strong.

This latch consists of two components, the Latch and the Receptacle. Both are required (and included!). Once installed, there's no adjustment necessary, just rotate the cam until it's tight, and that's it!

To operate, you need an 8mm hex tool (29-0059-02) which is sold separately.

All the components in this latch are steel with a zinc plating for protection against corrosion.