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Open Door Policy Facilitator

Open Door Policy Facilitator



Closedoffice doors are the number one reason why most Open Door Policiesfail to yieldpositive results. Nothing says "I don't care" likean office door that's firmly closed. Maybe your office building isn't perfectly level causing your door to closeon its own. Maybe the HVAC system isn't properly balanced, causing gusts of air or pressure variances, which result in "door drift", closingyour door. There are many reasons why doors get closed when they should remain open. None of them are good.

If you're in a mid-to high-level management position andneed to have an Open Door Policyin practice as well as on paper, this is the solution for you.

This Open Door Policy Facilitatorwill instantly adapt to any type of door, regardless of material, size, weight, even orientation. Not only that, it's self-adjusting for environmentswhere there's a large (or small) gap at the bottom of the door. Excellent on carpeted floors, linoleum, hardwood, even tile. And it works with ANY Open Door Policy, in any language, in any country of the world.

It's very easy to use. Just install the Open Door Policy Facilitatorunder your door while it's in the open position, sit back and wait for your employees to find their way into your office, completely unobstructed.

No more mixed messages. No moreinviting your staffto your office only to have them turned away becausethe door is closed and uninviting. Your staff will have new appreciation for your openness. You'll be the envy of your peers andloved by HR professionals everywhere.

Available in untreated pine only.