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Folding D-Handle Latch, FD448-3-SS-LH-1250

SKU: FD448-3-SS-LH-1250


These industrial door latches can be found on many truck-mounted toolboxes and industrial toolboxes. These are popular in many applications because they require little or no maintenance, they don't require any adjustment and are very rugged latching mechanisms.

These latches are designed to be flush-mounted in a steel door. Since there is little adjustment to be made in the center latching point, you may need to adjust your frame geometry to match the latch.

These with mounting studs for rods for multiple-point latching. The rods and guides are sold separately. Mounting hardware for the latch is not included.

These latches typically come keyed alike, but you can specify the key code you prefer from the list of options. Each lock comes with 2 keys.

Available in RIGHT and LEFT hand versions! Here's how to know which one you need:

  • If the latch will be positioned on the LEFT side of the door (hinged on the right hand side), then you need a LEFT handed latch. To open the door, the handle should turn clockwise.
  • If the latch is positioned on the RIGHT side of the door (hinged on the left hand side), then you need a RIGHT handed latch. To open the door, the handle should turn counter-clockwise.
NOTE: You are not specifically required to use a left or right hand in these situations. This is a guideline for how they are typically selected for a particular application. Many manufacturers use only LH or only RH latches in their designs, for simplicity. In other words, follow your heart.