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CLEARANCE ITEM: Electro-Plated Steel Hinges

CLEARANCE ITEM: Electro-Plated Steel Hinges

SKU: S04002409BP

$2.00 $3.98

If you need a hinge with a nicer, more "antique" finish, then these electro-plated hinges might be a great option.

These hinges are light enough use on most applications, but still plenty strong for every day use. They also come with pre-punched holes and a nice dark finish.

Note that the holes are different on each leaf: one side has punched 3/16" holes, the other has countersunk 7/32" holes.

There are several options available for total length, and some thicker hinges as well. Pick your options!

**NOTE: These are clearance items, and will NOT be available after our inventory is depleted.