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C5 Lever Latch, key locking, 14-29mm Grip, Black Powder Coated

SKU: C5-31-25


The C5 Lever Latch is a sealed compression latch rated to IP65 (NEMA 4) for water resistance. It's designed to latch a door from the inside with easily adjustable compression.

Often seen on RV's, motorhomes and some service bodies, the C5s are versatile, durable and (dare we say) rather handsome.

To operate the latch, just push the button in the center of the latch to pop up the handle. Grab the handle to open the door! To latch, just close the door and push the handle down. The spring loaded handle makes it easy to tell if the door is latched or not: if the handle is down, the door is securely locked.

Available in a black powder-coated finish and with options for locking styles, grip ranges and for door thicknesses.  Use the drop-down menus to pick the options that work best for you.

For bulk orders, or quantities more than 25 pcs, please contact us and ask about volume discounts!