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Adj Compression hinge

Adj Compression hinge

SKU: 96-10-572


If you've ever tried to properly seal a gasketed door, you'll know how hard it is (impossible, actually) to adjust the compression on the hinged side of the door. What inevitably happens is that you tighten down the other side, crushing the seal beyond its usable compression, which only makes things worse in the long term.


This remarkable hinge from Southco allows you to adjust (that's right, we said it: ADJUST) the hinged side of the door, allowing you to evenly compress a gasket or seal. All you need is a 4mm hex tool to make a quick adjustment.

Made from durable and corrosion resistant die-cast zinc and powder-coated in black for a tuxedo-like handsome finish.

Mounting hardware is not included, but we do include a snazzy plug for the adjusting screw.