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Wing Head Stud

Wing Head Stud

SKU: 85-12-240-16


This is a Southco Quarter-Turn stud with a wing head.  Designed for use with other Southco quarter-turn components only. 

Southco’s Lion Series Quarter Turn fasteners are known for their simplicity and strength.  Quarter-Turn fasteners are ideal for high-cycle life applications like access panels that need to be opened frequently, and especially where it’s important to not lose any of the fasteners.  With a quick 90 degree turn, these quarter-turn fasteners provide a positive, secure lock that is resistent to vibration, and provides consistent spring-loaded pressure.

The Lion fastener works best when used with all the necessary components, which include a Stud, a Retainer and a Receptacle.  There are also optional accessories like wear washers, and ejector springs, but those are not as critical.

It’s important to note that a properly sized quarter-turn assembly is critical.  If the stud is too long, it won’t engage the receptacle properly.  If the stud is too tight, something may get damaged.  We have a tool to help you pick just the right components for your project. 

  • Visit the manufacturer's section of our website
  • Search for “Lion”
  • Select the 81/82/85 DZUS Lion Quarter Turn Fasteners section
  • Click on the link to “Build Solutions”
  • Follow the prompts, and watch the magic!