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1/4" x 29/32"  Countersunk Aluminum Drive Rivet

1/4" x 29/32" Countersunk Aluminum Drive Rivet

SKU: 38-508-24-16 (100 pcs)


These all-aluminum 2-piece rivets are ideal for any blind application into (or through) solid materials like wood, metal panels, masonry and much more.

These rivets have a nominal grip of 3/4", but will hold materials with a total thickness of .703" to .796".

These particular rivets have a countersunk head to give you a perfectly flush finish.

To install:

  • DRILLa 0.257" hole through the panels and wall material.
  • INSERT the rivet, making sure the head is seated against the outer surface.
  • HIT THE PIN with a hammer or punch, to drive it flush with the rivet head.

Expanding prongs clinch your materials firmly together, eliminating gaps.

Sold in packages of 100 pcs only.