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3/8" Aluminum 2-pc Drive Rivet

3/8" Aluminum 2-pc Drive Rivet

SKU: 38-112-21-16 (100)


Aluminum Drive Rivets are handy for blind applications (where you don't have easy access behind the panels you're fastening). Blind applications would be places like

  • attaching a sign to a brick wall
  • hanging panels on a wall
  • attaching signs to tubular posts

To install, you need only a drill and a hammer!

"L" dimension is 0.969 inches, and this rivet has a nominal grip of 0.656" in "through hole" applications. When using these rivets in solid substrates (masonry, concrete or wood), just drill a slightly larger hole to allow space for the rivet to expand.

Sold in multiples of 100 pcs.