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Heavy Duty Rotary Latch (3300-LH)

SKU: 3300-LH


Rotary latches are most commonly found on passenger car doors (the kind you slam closed!) and they're incredibly strong. This latch will meet FMVSS-206 (Federal Motor Vehicle Standard 206, which relates to requirements on passenger vehicle doors), so it's gotta be pretty strong.

This rotary latch features a single rotor, with 2 stages of latching. To open the latch, pull the actuator trigger, and that's it! To close, just push the door closed, exactly like your car door.

This latch is available in zinc-plated steel only. Mounting hardware and latching pin are not included.

If you're planning to use this latch in an application where personal safety is critical (and isn't it always?) then we recommend using the optional return spring. This ensures that the actuator arm returns to the closed position so the latch can't open accidentally.