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Forged T-Bolt

Forged T-Bolt

SKU: 2783-1/2-B


Forged T-Bolts are often used in tank straps, which hold fuel tanks in place on many buses and other industrial vehicles. T-Bolts are forged for superior strength, and machined for precise threads. Don't be fooled by their rugged looks, they're strong and durable, ready for years of tireless service.

They also make great coat hooks. Just sayin.

These T-Bolts have a 3/8-16 threads x 1.5 inch long threaded section. The top of the T measures 1.75 inches across, and is 3/8 inch in diameter.

T-bolts are typically shipped with a thin coating of oil, but are otherwise unfinished, with no protective coating of any kind.