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Adjustable Grip Latch

Adjustable Grip Latch

SKU: 14-10-11-11


An adjustable grip latch is a latch that adjusts perfectly every time you open and close your door, so you never have to take time (or tools) to make it work properly.

Once installed, the initial opening of the latch (fully open) sets it up for easy use. To operate, just close your door and tighten as you would a screw (lefty loosey, righty tightie!), until it's snug. Opening the door requires only a few turns, just enough to allow the pawl to loosen and move out of the way!

The only visible part of this latch when properly installed is the knurled knob. Plain, simple and functional.

All you need is three round holes for installation, some rivets (bolts work too). Mounting hardware is not included.